There are plenty of Mac mini case modification projects on the internet. Though the unibody aluminum housing design had been there for almost a decade, it’s still the best looking mini computer case on the market imo.

In mid 2019, Raspberry Pi receive a huge update - the Pi 4. We finally got true gigabit ethernet, USB3.0 support, and a lot more. This makes Pi 4 suitable for simple NAS project (also for TimeMachine backup). So I decide to build a fake(?) TimeCapsule with Pi (at least the case is real, or should I just call it “Fake Mac mini” ? lol)

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Sorry, this post in currently in Chinese only :(

就只是個基於 Samba 的簡易 NAS 架設過程,沒有任何動靜。

BTW 目前還是使用 Pi3B ,升級後會在補上 Pi4B 速度的差異心得。未來打算再裝上 Aria2 讓 Pi 具有下載機的功能。

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