Master 3 Gesture Button Modification

Logitech’s Master/Anywhere series has been my favorite mice for years. But recently I don’t feel very comfortable when using my Master 3 with multiple devices, because the only button that switches device is located under the mouse. Since my 2 devices aren’t in the same network so Logitech Flow won’t work either.

Not really sure why Logitech doesn’t allow user to configure gesture button to switch devices :( so I came up with an idea to solve it.

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iPad Drawing Board

iPad and Apple Pencil combo probably has the best drawing experience in the tablet market for now, tons of people love using their iPad to create amazing artworks, but you might encounter an common issue (especially for 11 inch user): The iPad’s bezel is way too small for your hand to rest on, even it’s laid down flat on the table.

Though the iPad is already very thin (5.9mm on pro model), the drawing experience is still far from drawing on a flat thin paper, and putting hand on iPad just waste a large portion of the screen, which is the main reason I come up with this project today. The result was quite good, it’s very easy to make and costs under 35 dollar, so I want to share with you today.

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There are plenty of Mac mini case modification projects on the internet. Though the unibody aluminum housing design had been there for almost a decade, it’s still the best looking mini computer case on the market imo.

In mid 2019, Raspberry Pi receive a huge update - the Pi 4. We finally got true gigabit ethernet, USB3.0 support, and a lot more. This makes Pi 4 suitable for simple NAS project (also for TimeMachine backup). So I decide to build a fake(?) TimeCapsule with Pi (at least the case is real, or should I just call it “Fake Mac mini” ? lol)

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Sorry, this post in currently in Chinese only :(

用 Headless 方式玩樹莓派的朋友肯定都遇過一個問題,就是每次關機都要登入 ssh 才能正常關機,懶一點的直接拔電源,就算沒問題也很麻煩( 懶到過去延長線切電源都不肯 (欸),所以不如加個開關吧,不僅省時省力還能用正常的 shutdown 程序關機,一石二鳥豈不美哉 (:3[__]4

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YD68 Dolch

最近想找一把60%的機械鍵盤來換掉之前的Ducky One RGB,當然Ducky One還是一把不錯的鍵盤,主要考慮到想弄個Mac/Win通用配置的,以及我桌子上東西有點多(繪圖板跟筆電)60%可以省下桌面不少空間。

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Brainwavz B2 Wireless

前陣子買了Airpods來玩玩,發現Apple的W1晶片真心強大, 連接方便穩定, 延遲非常低(可以看影片的那種), 續航力優秀 不過音質就只能說比Earpods好一點點,然後貴了五倍價格

Beats被Apple收購後他們的無線耳機也都使用了W1晶片,聲音也提升了(說好當然CP值也是沒多高,不過至少不是只會發出聲音的髮箍(笑),之前BTS買電腦時剛好送了Solo 3 Wireless,試聽了一下聲音真是跌破眼鏡 其實是之前太差,靈光一閃想到如果把W1晶片改裝到一般耳機上或許能解決平常市面上大多數藍芽耳機續航&音質&穩定延遲的問題。

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Project CARS 2

用VR玩模擬駕駛之類的遊戲是很多玩家的夢想, 不過目前VR頭戴顯示器還不算相當成熟, 而且價格又偏高的情況下(對拉這才是重點), 不過人是很聰明的, 沒有VR我們當然有便宜的替代品!
那就是IR Tracker(紅外線追蹤器, Infrared:紅外線縮寫為IR), 可以搭配OpenTrack等開源軟體, 利用IR攝影機拍攝IR LED做定位, 來達到偵測物體移動的功能
材料買下來成本差不多可以控制在NTD500以內, 當然網路上也有賣現成的, 不過相對價格都比較高, 當然是選擇DIY既便宜又不失樂趣!

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大概九月時幸運用不錯的價格收了一套二手的G27, 對於車控來說簡直太爽拉, 每天必跑一趟Nurburgring(?
雖然G27現在上面有Thrustmaster跟Fanatec等更高檔次的方向盤, 不過對我目前來說有G27就很棒了XDD 窮學生麻

不過就在約一個月前, 出了點小問題, 每次插上USB G27就會自檢之後回正, 但有時候卻回不到中間(角度也不大,約10度左右)
雖然10度但是開起來超有感阿, 整個人都歪一邊拉!! 而且玩Project Cars 2的時候還會越歪越多(汗, 跑趟拉力賽下來整個方向盤歪了快90度QQ

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ONE RGB用到目前為止都很滿意, 不過有個小缺點就是看鍵盤角度太低的時候
雖然我自己的角度不常看到, 但有時候被閃一下還是不太爽(#`Д´)ノ
這時候既然原廠沒有設計擋光板, 只好自己動手了

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