Logitech Master 3 Gesture Button Modification

Master 3 Gesture Button Modification

Logitech’s Master/Anywhere series has been my favorite mice for years. But recently I don’t feel very comfortable when using my Master 3 with multiple devices, because the only button that switches device is located under the mouse. Since my 2 devices aren’t in the same network so Logitech Flow won’t work either.

Not really sure why Logitech doesn’t allow user to configure gesture button to switch devices :( so I came up with an idea to solve it.


The idea is actually quite simple. I can connect the device switch button to thumb gesture button, and configure it to do nothing when pressed in Logitech Options. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Remove mouse feet and screws (1 x T5 and 5 #0 Philips Screws)

  1. Be careful with the ribbon when open the top case

  1. Unscrew all components (battery, scrolling wheel)

  1. (Optional) I also change the momentary switch by the way, Kailh silent mouse switches were used this time

  1. Wired up the switch device button with thumb gesture button

  1. Set gesture button to Do Nothing in Logitech Options

Finish! It’s quite easy if you have experience with soldering. Now when I need to switch device I can just use the thumb gesture button instead of keep fliping the mouse :D

And here’s some minor issue I want to mention about this mod:

  1. You’ll need to press gesture buttton once before start to switching the device. (probably because there’re some energy saving mechanism)
  2. If you have thinner wire the better, mine is a bit too thick so the original switch device button get stuck. Since I don’t use that button to switch device so it’s not really a issue for me, just be aware.

Thanks for your reading 😊


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