Master 3 Gesture Button Modification

Logitech’s Master/Anywhere series has been my favorite mice for years. But recently I don’t feel very comfortable when using my Master 3 with multiple devices, because the only button that switches device is located under the mouse. Since my 2 devices aren’t in the same network so Logitech Flow won’t work either.

Not really sure why Logitech doesn’t allow user to configure gesture button to switch devices :( so I came up with an idea to solve it.

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I’ve got myself an Apple Silicon Mac last year, although it’s really amazing but still have some compatibility issues. When I want to use DisplayCAL to recalibrate my external monitor, but the it didn’t recognize both of my external monitor.

Here’s the workaround for this issue:


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iPad Drawing Board

iPad and Apple Pencil combo probably has the best drawing experience in the tablet market for now, tons of people love using their iPad to create amazing artworks, but you might encounter an common issue (especially for 11 inch user): The iPad’s bezel is way too small for your hand to rest on, even it’s laid down flat on the table.

Though the iPad is already very thin (5.9mm on pro model), the drawing experience is still far from drawing on a flat thin paper, and putting hand on iPad just waste a large portion of the screen, which is the main reason I come up with this project today. The result was quite good, it’s very easy to make and costs under 35 dollar, so I want to share with you today.

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Recently, I’m looking for a temperture and cpu status monitor for my Pi nas server. vcgencmd command and htop get the jobs done, but it’s always better to have them in the same window (htop can’t show temperture which bothers me alot). So I found an cross-platform, python-based htop alternative - Glances, it’s easy to install and super handy. The only downside is that it uses a bit more cpu resources than I expected (on Pi4 4GB version).

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There are plenty of Mac mini case modification projects on the internet. Though the unibody aluminum housing design had been there for almost a decade, it’s still the best looking mini computer case on the market imo.

In mid 2019, Raspberry Pi receive a huge update - the Pi 4. We finally got true gigabit ethernet, USB3.0 support, and a lot more. This makes Pi 4 suitable for simple NAS project (also for TimeMachine backup). So I decide to build a fake(?) TimeCapsule with Pi (at least the case is real, or should I just call it “Fake Mac mini” ? lol)

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